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Bianca Fields (b. Cleveland, Ohio 1995) is an artist living and working in Boston, MA. Her work has been showcased in the Armory Show with Steve Turner LA, Ruttkowski;68 Paris, L21 Gallery Spain and Frieze Art Fair London with Carl Freedman Gallery.


Fields creates paintings that survey and challenge the depiction of the 21st century black female body in action. Re-examining and reflecting on beauty and identity, her manipulation of the image of the monkey recalls both pop cultural phenomena and vintage cartoons, alongside her very own likeness and realm of cultural experience. 

They are not just about a general psychological space, but Fields’ psychological space, utilizing a candid mix of her portrayed primates. The deliberate selection of these protagonists in her work each contribute to the tension that holds her highly charged imagery together.

Considering herself an "athletic" painter Fields states"I like to paint as if I have a burning cake in the oven.The paintings have an intensity in their mark making and compositions, arresting and compelling the viewer to look. 


This system is considered Fields's tangible embodiment of experiences and imagination through the medium of paint; seeking to investigate the unresolved, vicious cycle of how black women should comport oneself.

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